20 Inch Coral Wedding Lanterns


20 inch dia (50cm) Coral lanterns

Large Coral paper lanterns are one of the celebrity stylist’s ‘top tips’ for a modern wedding.

With a blend of passion and drama balanced with contemporary flair, this luxurious colour is certainly fit for a Queen! The large paper lantern size is ideal to scatter throughout the middle of a marquee where the ceiling is reaches its peak.

For a flirty, feminine effect combine Coral, Pink, Fuchsia and Ivory, or for added regal touch try dotting in some of our antique matt gold hanging lanterns like one of our previous lantern brides - http://www.hanginglanterns.co.uk/our-themes/regal/coral-and-gold-lanterns-brighten-traditional-pole-tent



Round Lanterns


Large (18-24 Inch Dia)


Pastels Yellows, Oranges & Reds