Our hanging coloured lanterns are available in a huge range of vibrant, pastel, cool, warm and neutral shades to suit any wedding or event.

The human mind is programmed to respond to different colours, and our thoughts and emotions are shaped by them. Colour is one of the most effective ways of communicating without words and offers an instantaneous method for conveying a message. 

Our cool coloured lanterns (blues and greens) tend to have a calming effect but can appear to look cold when used alone so add a warm colour for balance or a neutral white lantern to create a fresh look.

Warm colours evoke emotions of warmth and comfort, and create an exciting effect when used as wedding decorations, however, add tones from other groups to create a party atmosphere.

Neutral coloured lanterns are used to mix with any other colour, great for backgrounds and tend to tone down other bold colours making a venue softer.