Lantern Instructions & Safety Information

  • Lantern Instructions & Safety Information


  • Carefully expand the lantern.
  • Insert the expander provided through the large
    opening at the top of the lantern.
  • Align the sides of the expander into the hooks
    on the rim of the lantern.
  • Hook the cord of the light bulb through the wire
    ensuring the light bulb will be in the middle
    of the lantern.

Safety Information/Warnings

  • If using the lantern with a light bulb, ensure that the selected bulb does not exceed the maximum rating of either the lantern or the lamp/light fitting which the lantern is fitted to.
  • Maximum bulb ratings will be provided with your product, and below for your information. If in any doubt, please contact us.
  • The light bulb MUST be positioned in the middle of the lantern, and the lantern should be at least 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) from the ceiling.
  • Remove all the packaging before use, and keep packaging away from children.

Our lanterns have been tested and certified to comply with the BS EN 60598 safety directive.

Regular/Irregular round max shade wattages

  • 8” – 10” lanterns: max wattage 40W
  • 12” – 16” lanterns: max wattage 60W
  • 18” – 22” lanterns: max wattage 100W
  • 24” lanterns: max wattage 150 W
  • 30” lanterns: max wattage 200W
  • 36” lanterns: max wattage 300W