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Ruby winter floral snowflake (37cm dia)

SKU: Xfloral-RB

Winter floral snowflakes are simply beautiful, like no other snowflake you will have seen before – look closely at the amazing detail and you’ll spot luxurious ruby coloured berries, holly leaves and mistletoe.

Each winter floral snowflake measures W37cm x H32cm x D6cm and includes a warm white LED light to provide illumination and cast intricate shadows. Buttonlite LEDs last 36-48 hours and can be purchased separately allowing you to use your floral snowflake year after year.

Hang clusters of large snowflakes to create a mesmerising backdrop to your Christmas photographs, or hang a mixture of our different styles of snowflake to replicate the random effect seen in nature.

Ruby snowflakes come on a length of coloured ribbon ready for hanging around the home, in a winter wedding marquee or at a hotel over the Christmas period.



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