Mad Hatter's Coloured Lanterns Stun in any Venue


Take inspiraton from this amazing cowshed paper lantern canopy created by Oakwood Events and mix different colours and sizes of hanging lantern to set the scene for a raucous party!

Our Mad Hatter's paper lantern package using our stunning irregular ribbed lanterns giving you a little twist of added flair at your event.

Hang your coloured lanterns in a haphazard way ensuring to have fun as you prep.

The Mad Hatter's hanging lantern package includes 50 lanterns measuring between 10" and 20" in diameter.

Each hanging lantern package includes a random mix of brightly coloured even and irregular ribbed lanterns - colours and mix will be completely random to ensure no-one else can steal your exact look!

Please note this package is only designed to create a similar effect to the image - additional lanterns can be purchased seperately to suit your exact needs.

To discuss adapting this look to suit your venue or for installation enquiries do contact our team.



Hanging Lantern Packages