8 Inch Dove Paper Lantern


Our dove grey paper lanterns are a great neutral tone for mixing with a number of other coloured lantern such as yellow, pink and blue. Dove grey lanterns also look great as the feature colour at your wedding when hung in clusters of different sized grey lanterns.

To add some sparkle to your grey paper lanterns place one of our small LED Buttonlites in every lantern. Buttonlites are LED lights designed specifically for use with our hanging lanterns and provide a wire free battery powered lighting solution, safe for use in any indoor or outdoor wedding venue.

If you have got a specific colour scheme but don’t know how best to incorporate hanging paper lanterns – let us guide you through the multitude of options and choices.

Please note - this is a darker shade than other dove lanterns



Round Lanterns


Small (6 - 10 Inch Dia)


Pastels Greys & Dove