8" Grass Green Round Paper Lanterns


Small grass green coloured lanterns can be used at a wedding or party to bring the feeling of nature and the great outdoors inside. Cluster small green lanterns down the sides of your wedding marquee and hang a variety of pink paper lanterns form the marquee lining so that your lanterns create an effect of cherry blossom trees and trailing ivory climbing the walls.

Hang a warm white Buttonlite in the lanterns so that as night falls your ‘trees’ will start to glow and add an ambient glow over your wedding celebrations. Buttonlites last 36-48 hours and can be switched on and off as required. We suggest you switch them on when hanging your round lanterns so that the task is complete leaving you free to get ready for your big day.



Round Lanterns


Small (6 - 10 Inch Dia)


Greens & Blues