24 Inch Large White Even Ribbed Round Lanterns



Our huge white 24” (61cm) dia. lanterns are great for use down the centre of a circus tent style marquee where the great height enables them to be hung in a variety of styles. 

Either hang them singularly down the centre of the marquee at the same height or cluster them in 3 or 5s randomly throughout the marquee.

Our large round paper lanterns arrive flat packed with a wire frame that needs inserting to give the lantern its shape. The wire frame has a hook at the top which allows you to suspend your large round lantern using coloured ribbon, fishing line or from a main powered lighting cord kit.

Large white paper lanterns have been safety tested and certified for use with a maximum 150 watt light bulb. Place a candle flicker light bulb inside to create a warm, romantic feel at your wedding or event.



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