20 Inch Large Mauve Even Ribbed Round Lanterns


Mauve, rich reds and purples are the perfect starting point for a traditional Indian or Moroccan themed wedding. These stunning colours exude fruitfulness and are often said to be the colour of fertility - a fitting thought for your happy future together.

Our large mauve coloured lanterns come flat and individually wrapped but ready for use in a couple of quick, simple steps. Each paper lanterns has a wire expander that you simply need to insert. This wire frame has a hook at the top that enables you to hang your lantern. 
We recommend you hang your lanterns with clear fishing line and use a crocodile clip to attach the lantern to a marquee lining, or tie your fishing line around exposed beams, or we do stock magnetic hooks for use with tiled ceilings to make the job of hanging your round lanterns quick and easy in any venue!



Round Lanterns


Large (18-24 Inch Dia)


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