18 Inch Mango Hanging Paper Lanterns



Bold orange paper lanterns demand attention but can be softened by mixing with white, ivory or peach hanging lanterns. However, our orange lanterns are the ideal colour to enhance autumnal weddings that feature unique table centrepieces including squashes and pumpkins.

Create clusters of orange lanterns in different sizes over your wedding dance floor and inject some excitement and confidence into your first dance and encourage your guests to join you quickly to dance the night away. Place a warm white Buttonlite LED inside each orange hanging lantern to add to the ambience of your wedding day. Each Buttonlite is wire free, battery operated and ready for hanging. Simply hang the Buttonlite inside your coloured lantern when you are setting up, switch them on and let the light glow as the night time sky descends upon married life.

Our orange paper lanterns have been tested and certified for use with mains powered luminaires so you could always add twinkling fairy lights or festoon lighting in between your lanterns. If you would rather let the professionals install your paper lanterns and lighting accessories just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll handle the rest!



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Large (18-24 Inch Dia)


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