Vertical Christmas bunting 5m (16 flags) snow queen

SKU: Xvbunting-squeen

Our Snow Queen range of Christmas décor consists of sparkling white, silver, pink and blue snowflakes designed to add a unique twist to traditional winter whites.

Laser cut bunting, handcrafted in Sussex from the finest British FSC certified papers, is 5m in length and has been designed to be hung vertically from the ceiling of your home or venue, or, why not cut the coloured ribbon into shorter lengths and position the 4 different types of snowflakes randomly along the lengths.

Each snowflake on the Snow Queen bunting measures between 12cm x 10cm and 23cm x 20.5cm, and can be hung to complement the hanging hearts and 3D snowflakes in the Snow Queen range. This modern yet traditional colour scheme is sure to add sparkler to any venue or home.

The Snow Queen Winter Snowflake Bunting consists of 16 snowflakes, ranging from 12cm x 10cm to 23cm x 20.5cm in size. Each 5m length of paper bunting has 3 Large Deco Snowflakes in Silver, 1 Medium Deco Snowflake in stardream rose, 1 Medium Deco Snowflake in stardream Aqua, 1 Medium Deco Snowflake in White, 1 Small Deco Snowflake in Silver, 2 Small Deco Snowflakes in White, 2 Intricate White Snowflakes, 1 Medium Circular Snowflake in stardream  rose, 1 Medium Circular Snowflake in stardream  Aqua, 2 Small Circular Snowflakes in stardream Aqua and 1 Small Circular Snowflake in stardream  rose.

Box Includes 5m of silver ribbon and 16 Christmas snowflakes.



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