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Rosso deco snowflake (32cm dia)

SKU: Xdeco-RD

Rosso Deco snowflake lanterns as made of a British FSC certified paper in a striking red with slight hint of gold fleck. Each Deco snowflake is laser cut in Sussex and composed of 3 pieces that just slot together.

Rosso red snowflake lanterns complement the other Rosso and Scarlett red pieces in our Christmas collections so why not go all out and wow your dinner guests with matching glass shades and namecards.

Deco snowflakes are W36cm x H32cm x D6cm and include a Buttonlite LED (BTN-WH) for 36-48 hours of illumination. Switch your Buttonlite on to case stunning shadows across your dining table this Christmas.



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Merry Yuletide Collection