Candle Flicker LED Buttonlite units


Buttonlites Candle – The candle LED light for paper lanterns, floral displays and accent lighting...

Our Candle Buttonlite lights replicate natural candle light without the smoke of fire hazards, which is particularly useful when being used in older properties or around children. They create very atmospheric lighting and are ready to hang.

Each Buttonlites come with batteries already installed, and can be switched on/off as many times as required via a pull tab.
Our entire range of Buttonlites use an extra wide angle LED and a built in diffuser cap for a greater disbursement of light around your lantern or flower arrangement. Our Buttonlite Candle’s use an Orange diffuser cap to closely mirror the light of a natural flame and they will last for 36-48 hours when used continuously. Batteries are not replaceable; however you can switch them on/off as many times as you need.

Recommended for hanging in our small 8 inch lanterns to our large 20 inch diameter lanterns. They can be used in larger lanterns, but the light will be less intense (lantern will not be as bright).

Our Buttonlite Candle flicker units can be used on their own as the in-built diffuser cap creates a small light orb that looks great when hanging from trees especially at Halloween. Buttonlites can also be used to illuminate floral displays, and the lights can be placed inside lily heads or they can be used to provide accent lighting in wedding or party marquees.

The Buttonlite design is registered under EU Registered Design numbers 002148528 & 002255059

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