16 Inch Red Even Round paper lantern


Use a statement tablecloth such as glittery gold sequin or indulgent patterned fabric to place complement our red paper lanterns hanging around your wedding venue. This colour suggests the bride and groom have a daring streak and will be a definite talking point at your wedding and for many years afterwards.

Add sharp pops of red in other areas of your wedding too. Embellish the most charming member of your wedding party in a pretty white flower girl dress with a large but simple red bow. Let the younger children hang some red paper lanterns at their height down the aisle or around the dance floor to help include them in the splendour of the day.

Our red lanterns are available in a great range of sizes from our mini 4” size to extra large red lanterns which are 36” in diameter so there will be a size to suit every type of venue or outdoor space!



Round Lanterns


Medium (12-16 Inch Dia)


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