14 Inch Orange Even Round Chinese Lanterns


Orange paper lanterns add vibrancy and a party feel when used in amongst other bright primary and secondary coloured hanging lanterns. When using our orange paper lanterns at a Mad Hatter’s or pool party mix all shapes, sizes and colours of hanging lantern and illuminate every one with our Buttonlites so that the partying and dancing can continue right through the night.

Buttonlites are small, battery powered, wire free LED lights that have been designed specifically for use in hanging paper lanterns. They have a wide angled LED bulb and diffuser cap to ensure the light is spread fully around the whole round lantern. Each Buttonlite comes ready for hanging on a short cord that you just need to place over the hook inside your paper lantern. Buttonlites last 36-48 hours so that you can switch them on when setting your decorations and lanterns up knowing they will last all weekend.



Round Lanterns


Medium (12-16 Inch Dia)


Yellows, Oranges & Reds