Corporate & Event Bespoke Lighting

Our creative studio in Sussex specialises in the design and manufacture of products that will enhance your corporate or special events. Bespoke lighting can instantly create an atmosphere in a room by casting stunning shadows for metres. We create new and unique bespoke products for individuals and companies and are always developing innovative new ways to enable corporate branding or messaging to be cast in shadows. 

Using leading edge laser cutting technology, the team are able to cut and test designs immediately in papers, cards and acrylics, as everything is designed and made in house. The finish on all of our products is of an extremely high quality and our technology enables the studio to explore immensely intricate and delicate patterns on the items we design/manufacture. From giant 2 metre wide 3D hanging stars to 10cm wedding favour boxes, our studio are always on hand to create or further develop any bespoke event requirements or corporate décor. 

All of the products you see are available in standard designs, or may be customised as required. Feel free to email our studio at or call 0845 4655585 for any bespoke products or jobs you may require.