Yellow paper parasol



Our yellow round paper parasols are 100cm in diameter, and are ideal for use at weddings and parties.

What unique reception decor! Yellow umbrellas can be strung up with white fairy lights, giving an outdoor wedding reception a truly dreamy feel.

A single paper parasol could be used as a unique sun shade during the summer months or give your bridesmaids a wedding parasol at a beach wedding. Simply match your wedding parasol to their dresses or your bouquet.

Paper parasols are traditionally a symbol of good luck hence they are being used more frequently as wedding parasols, the round shape of the wedding parasol symbolises completeness.

We have a large range of solid coloured paper parasols to match our paper hanging lanterns should you want a combination of both.



Extra Lrg (30-36 Inch Dia)


Yellows, Oranges & Reds