Vertical Christmas bunting 5m (16 flags) deco elegance

SKU: Xvbunting-deco

Our intricate Christmas snowflake bunting can be strung around the outside of a winter wedding marquee or along your mantel piece at home.

Use our Deco Elegance winter bunting at any wedding or event using a regal purple and gold theme. Designed to be hung vertically, hang the snowflakes in one long drop or cut the ribbon into shorter lengths to create a backdrop to your dinner table. Position 4 snowflake per metre leaving a tail of 50cm at either end of your bunting for hanging it around your home or winter event, or hang in random lengths to recreate the natural effect of falling snowflakes.

Each string of laser cut bunting is 5m in length with 4 each of 4 unique hand designed snowflakes. The smallest winter snowflake measures 12cm x 10cm whilst the largest measures 23cm x 20.5cm. Complement the snowflakes with other paper Christmas decorations from the Deco Elegance range including Christmas Trees as decorative lamps on a hearth and illuminated Gingerbread houses as place settings.

The Deco Elegance Snowflake bunting includes: 3 Large Deco Snowflakes in Ruby, 1 Medium Deco Snowflake in Gold, 2 Medium Deco Snowflakes in White, 2 Small Deco Snowflakes in Ruby, 1 Small Deco Snowflake in Gold, 2 Intricate White Snowflakes, 1 Medium Circular Snowflake in Gold, 1 Medium Circular Snowflake in White, 2 Small Circular Snowflakes in Gold and 1 Small Circular Snowflake in White.

Box Includes 5m of purple ribbon and 16 winter snowflakes.



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