20 Inch White Honeycomb Lanterns


Large white honeycomb lanterns can be used at traditional weddings where the colour white has long been adopted as the colour of weddings, signifying purity. Our large white paper honeycomb lanterns are a key element when creating a sleek, formal and elegant look at your wedding reception.

All  large white honeycomb balls arrive flat packed and individually wrapped but are ready for use in a couple of quick, simple steps – just take the honeycomb lantern out of its packaging, carefully open it out and position the clip. Suspend your white honeycomb lantern using the string and create a stunning display of white lanterns.

We have lots of hanging solutions to enable you to hang your large white honeycomb balls in any venue so just email us or give us a call to talk about your wedding venue and we’ll advise you on the best options.



Honeycomb Lanterns


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