20 Inch Red Nylon Round Lanterns


Use our large red nylon lanterns to add a touch of the Moulin Rouge to a wedding, party or event. Complete the look with large ostentatious feathers and diamonds.

Whether you are designing an elegant outdoor wedding or a themed event, nothing enhances the ambience of a function room or venue quite like large red lanterns. 
Team our red nylon lanterns with a disposable Buttonlite or re-useable Egglite to create a rosy hue. The natural shine of our nylon lanterns will be enhanced when illuminated so mix them in amongst non-illuminated lanterns to add some variety to your red lantern look.
Illuminated red Chinese lanterns are particularly popular around the world during the Chinese New Year celebrations to ward off evil spirits and encourage good health and prosperity so hang yours in the entrance to your wedding to start married life on the best foot



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