16 Inch Lavender Honeycomb Lanterns


Lavender honeycomb lanterns compliment a wide variety of wedding colour schemes including feminine pinks and purples, bold, sunshine yellows and softer pastel theme.

Drape mixed pastel coloured fabrics over your head table or around the entrance to your wedding venue to create a feeling of sheer extravagance on your big day and give your guests a hint of the lavender honeycombs that await them inside. They will be wowed by lavender lanterns floating from fishing line above their heads.

At The Hanging Lantern Company we have a number of solutions for hanging your lavender honeycombs in various wedding or party venues including clips for hanging honeycomb balls directly from a marquee lining or clear fishing line tied around wooden beams in a farm style building.
If you would prefer to have your coloured honeycomb lanterns and lighting professionally installed just let us know your wedding date and venue and we’ll be able to give you some suggested looks and take the whole job off your hands!



Honeycomb Lanterns


Medium (12-16 Inch Dia)


Pastels Pinks & Purples